Is Chandler AZ a good place to live?

The suburb of Chandler has a population of 257,076. In Maricopa County is the location of the person Arizona is one of the best places to live. Most residents of the city of Chandler own their homes. There are a lot of coffee shops in the area.

What is Chandler Arizona known for?

The center of the city is the historic downtown, which includes the City Hall and the Center for the Arts. In 2010, The National Civic League named the city an All-America City. The 61st annual awards were won by Chandler.

Where did Chandler AZ get its name?

Arizona was Dr. is a name for a vet. A. J. Chandler In 1891, he settled in the area. Alexander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona Territory, settled on a ranch south of Mesa in 1891 to study irrigation engineering.

How big is the city of Chandler AZ?

The City has more than twenty thousand residents. The area of Chandler is incorporated 63. 5 square miles. . The planning area for the city is 71. 5 square miles.

Is Chandler AZ wealthy?

The city of Chandler is located in the southeast of Phoenix and is next to Gilbert. The median household income in this city is $82,825. The suburb of Chandler has a family-friendly atmosphere.

What is a good salary in Chandler AZ?

A good salary is in the area Anything over $60,000. That's because the median income in Chandler is $56,000, which means if you earn more than that you're earning more than 50% of the people living in Chandler. The average salary is in the city of Chandler. A good hourly wage in the city is $26. 92.

What should I know before moving to Chandler AZ?

Moving to a new area

  • There are many great schools in the area.
  • Enjoy the benefits of endless jobs in Phoenix.
  • One of the best neighborhoods for families is located in this area.
  • Young families are great to settle down in.
  • It's a safe city to live in.

Why should I move to Chandler AZ?

If you are looking to move from another state to another part of the metropolitan Phoenix area, then you should consider moving to Chandler. The area's strong technology and excellent educational facilities provide the foundation for a comfortable lifestyle for individuals and families alike.

What does Arizona mean in Spanish?

What does "Arizona" mean? The Spanish called the area Arisona, Arissona or Arizona, based on native American words, but historians disagree on the exact evolution of the name "silver-bearing" or "place of the small spring. " State name origins.

What is the racial makeup of Chandler Arizona?


Black or African American alone, percent  5. 5%
American Indian and Alaska Native are the only ones  1. 8%
Asian alone, percent  10. 9%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, percent  0. 2%

What is the best area to live in Chandler Arizona?

Neighborhoods in the city of Chandler, Arizona The best places to live in the area

  • Sun Lakes is a top neighborhood.
  • Sun groves is the best school in the area.
  • Cooper Commons is a nice community.
  • The first master-planned community in the area is called Provinces.
  • Excellent Parks are the Twelve Oaks.

What is the cost of living in Chandler Arizona?

The cost of living in the city of Chandler is 113. 0.

The cost of living is calculated Chandler Arizona
Grocery 99 96. 1
Health 92. 2 95. 2
Housing 138. 1 107. 8
The cost of a home $424,900 $349,300

Where do most millionaires live in Arizona?

Which city in Arizona was named the richest? The wealthiest city in Arizona is Paradise Valley.

What is the richest town in AZ?

Scottsdale The city has a median household income of $91,042, which is $33,583 higher than the state average. The unemployment rate is only 4. 7 percent and the percentage of people living in poverty is only 6. 8 percent.

Is Chandler AZ expensive to live?

Chandler's The national average is higher than the housing expenses The utility prices are higher than the national average. The national average for transportation expenses is 3% higher. The national average for grocery prices is 1% higher in Chandler.

What is a livable salary in AZ?

Living wage calculation for Arizona

1 ADULT 2 people are working
0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $17. 43 $37. 82
Poverty Wage $6. 19 $12. 74
Minimum Wage $12. 80 $12. 80

Why does it get so hot in Arizona?

The Arizona desert gets the same amount of solar energy as the eastern third of the country, but it still gets hotter than the eastern third The lack of moist ground and air causes it to be hotter.

What 5 US states have a name that came from a Spanish word?

  • Arizona. The origin of the name Arizona is either from rida zona, meaning arid zone in Spanish, or from a Spanish word of Basque origin that means The Good Oak.
  • California....
  • Colorado....
  • Florida....
  • Montana....
  • Nevada....
  • New Mexico.

What is the average household income in Chandler AZ?

$85,796 Table

Workers age 16 years and over have a mean travel time to work 24. 9
Income & Poverty
The median household income is in 2020 2016-2020 $85,796
The per capita income in the past year is in 2020 dollars $42,580

How cold does it get in Chandler AZ?

The temperature can vary over the course of the year 39F to 106F It is rarely below 31F or above 112F.