Can I add a ticket to my flight?

Contact the airline directly and purchase an additional ticket through them. They might be able to link the two bookings.

Can you add someone to an existing airline reservation?

Can I add passengers to my booking? You can add passengers to your American Airlines flight booking. Still, you'll have to go through the official American Airlines booking procedures if you need to add passengers to your existing booking.

Can I add a child to my flight reservation?

When flying domestically in the U. S. If you add a child under the age of 2 to your reservation, you will not be charged an extra fee. There is a limit on the number of children that an adult can have.

How do I add a passenger to a plane ticket?

Name changes on a confirmed reservation are not allowed because the tickets are non-transferable. You will need to do that cancel your ticket and book a new ticket with the new passenger's name. If any, cancellation charges will be applicable.

How do I transfer a ticket to another person?

Here's how you can transfer your ticket to someone else:

  1. Take a picture of the ticket.
  2. The nearest railway station has a reservation counter.
  3. Carry the ID proof of the person whom you want to transfer the ticket to, like Aadhar or Voter's ID card.
  4. You can apply for ticket transfer.

Can I book my child's flight separately?

Typically, you are not able to book a child's ticket on his or her own without paying a fee to fly as an unaccompanied minor. Some airline websites won't allow you to book a fare for a child under 5 without an adult on the same reservation because flying alone at that age is not allowed.