Did AJ Crimson drown in Aruba?

Crimson's family confirmed his death on March 30 to WWD. A person confirmed that a beauty company is called AJ Crimson Beauty He drowned while snorkeling in Bonaire. He was 27 years old. A makeup industry leader,AJ Crimson, set a standard of beauty that was accessible to people of all colors.

What happen to AJ Crimson?

AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer, dies: 'He was beautiful all the time' Celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer AJ Crimson, an entrepreneur who "always had a kind and encouraging word" and "didn't own a T-shirt," has died. Crimson's family confirmed his death to People magazine.

How old is AJ Crimson?

A well-known entrepreneur, makeup artist, media face, social media star, and internet personality from Detroit, Michigan, died on March 30, 2022, at the age of 27.... AJ Crimson Wiki / Bio (Religion & Trivia)

Full name AJ Crimson.
Nationality American.

When was AJ Crimson born?

The United States is where the baby was born August 10, 1994. His age was 27 years old when he died. He wasn't said to be married. He is a beauty and lifestyle expert.

What happened to the makeup artist AJ?

Celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson, is a pioneer in creating makeup for every shade has died. A statement from his family says that celebrity makeup artist, and pioneer in the makeup industry, AJ Crimson, has died.

What is AJ Crimson real name?

Anthony M. Jackson was the one who got the news. Anthony M. Jackson The founder of the makeup company, who had passed away last week, was featured in the celebrity media.

Where was AJ Crimson from?

The artist and businessman of Detroit Originally hailing from Detroit He worked with high-profile names includingRegina King, Hilary Duff, and Hilary Duff's sister, Hilary Duff, according to his company's website.

What happened to AJ Crimson TMZ?

The beauty mogul, best known for founding his self-titled beauty line, has sadly passed away. He was 27 years old. AJ's death was announced on March 30, 2022, on Instagram.

Who is AJ Crimson makeup artist?

The news that Anthony M. Jackson was known as "AJ Crimson". A makeup artist and founder of a beauty business Last week, he passed away through the media.