Is all-inclusive worth it Jamaica?

All-inclusive resorts are great because they put everything at a guest's fingertips, but Not every resort in Jamaica is worth the price. An excellent Caribbean vacation is what you want. Sometimes the sun, sand, and surf can change your world.

What is the cheapest time to go to Jamaica?

June and July are considered to be the best months to find cheap flights to Jamaica High. The cheapest month to fly to Jamaica is in the middle of the year January.

How far is Holiday Inn Montego Bay from airport?

Only six miles are located six miles The beachfront resort is located away from the airport and has a private white sand beach.

Is Negril or Montego Bay better?

Both are great places. If you like nightlife and short airport transfers, you should consider it Montego Bay is your choice. Looking for a more quaint and laid back destination, with some of Jamaica's best beaches? Negril is a great place to go on vacation.

How much is a taxi from Montego Bay airport to the Holiday Inn Resort?

Private Taxi from MBJ Airport to Holiday Inn Resort & Spa One way costs $25. If more than 3 people are involved, additional people will pay $5. USD each. The round trip costs $50.

Is it better to stay in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay?

The areas of the island are both beautiful and are well suited for relaxing vacations. Montego Bay is better for families with children and for those who don't plan to explore the island much. Ocho Rios is better for young adults, adventure seekers, and people who don't have children.

Do I need a passport to fly to Jamaica?

Entry, exit and Visa requirements U. S. When traveling to Jamaica, citizens must present a valid U. S. passport. Proof of anticipated departure from Jamaica. If you are on a cruise ship, you may use a document that is compliant with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.