How much is Amtrak to Washington DC from Philadelphia?

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To/From Philadelphia
To Fare
New York $19
Washington, DC $18
Baltimore/BWI, MD $15

How long is Amtrak from DC to Philly?

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Popular Route Amtrak Bus
New York City to Philadelphia 1. 25 hours 2+ hours
Philadelphia to Harrisburg 1. 5 - 1. 75 hours. 2+ hours
Baltimore to Philadelphia 1 hour 2 hours
Washington, DC to Philadelphia 1. 5 - 2 hours. 3. 5 hours

How long is the ride from Philadelphia to Washington DC?

How long is it to drive from Philadelphia to Washington, DC? The total driving time is not known 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Does Amtrak go into DC?

Washington, DC, transportation recommends train travel with multiple daily departures You can get to Washington, DC, on the train. The New York to DC route on the Amtrak saves up to 90 minutes of travel each way.

How far is Philadelphia from Washington DC by plane?

The flight distance from Washington D. C. to Philadelphia is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. 119 miles 192 kilometers and 104 nautical miles. The flight time is 43 minutes.

What is the main train station in Philadelphia?

30th Street Station in Philadelphia

30th Street Station Philadelphia, PA
Location 2955 Market Street is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 39°57′21″N 75°10′55″W
Owned by Amtrak
Line(s) The Main Line of the SEPTA is the Northeast Corridor

How much faster is Acela?

The fastest train in the Americas is 150 miles per hour, but only over 49. 9 miles of the route.... Acela.

Track gauge 4 ft 812 in a standard gauge

Where does the Amtrak drop you off in Washington, DC?

Union Station Washington D. C. 's Union Station is near the Capitol Building and the National Mall at 50 Massachusetts Ave NE. The station opened in 1907 and features vaulted ceilings, arches and statues.

How much does a train to DC cost?

The cost to ride

Metrorail The cost to ride
Express Routes $4. 25
Airport Express Routes $7. 50
Reduced Fare is regular $1. 00
Express Fare Reduced $2. 10

What is halfway between DC and Philadelphia?

The halfway point is actually marked by the town that is Park Ridge Estates is in Maryland. The closest zip code is 21078. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 39° 31' 39" N and 76° 11' 20" W. The closest major city that is roughly halfway is Baltimore, MD.

How far apart are Philadelphia and Washington, DC?

The shortest distance between Philadelphia and Washington-Dc is about 100 miles 123. 79 miles (199. 22 km). The shortest route between Philadelphia and Washington-Dc is 142. 29 miles. The driving time is a little over an hour. 3h 0min.

How many Amtrak stops in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has many regional and long-distance trains It is one of the easier cities to reach via rail. There are 11 different routes that stop at the 30th Street Station.

Does Philadelphia Amtrak have checked baggage?

Checked Baggage Travelers can check up to 4 bags for free or $20 per bag.

Do they turn the lights off on Amtrak?

In terms of noise from other passengers, Amtrak's conductor declares quiet hours from around 10 p. m. to 7 a. m. , and The lights are not on.

What is the difference between Acela and Amtrak?

They travel the same track The high speed train is called Acela. Plus, all seats are business class or better, so it's a premium ride the whole way. Give it a try

Do you tip on Acela First Class?

Amtrak's Acela First Class If you have a ticket for first class on Acela, there is an attendant that will bring you your complimentary food and beverages. The people who work for these are hard at giving you a good experience. It's a great way to thank them.

Does Amtrak have assigned seating?

When you make a reservation, your seat will be assigned. You can change your seat assignments at any time after you book, by using the Amtrak app or on the website. There is no fee to change seats.

How early should I arrive for Amtrak?

Arrive at the station 30 minutes before your train leaves is the minimum The passengers on the auto train should arrive at the station at least two hours before departure.