Are flight attendants hourly?

Hourly. Some airlines have a per diem rate that is calculated from the time the aircraft door closes in a flight attendant's base city until the door is opened again when they return to that city.

Do you tip a flight attendant?

Flight attendants spend most of their time providing service to customers, unlike other people in service industries they shouldn't be tipped. There's no expectation to tip flight attendants, and for that matter some airlines have policies against tipping flight attendants.

How much time do flight attendants get off?

How many days off do flight attendants get? Flight attendants get to enjoy their weekends off, which is more than most people get to Between 12 and 18 days off a month.

How much do flight attendants make per trip?

The per diem ranges are between zero and five The hourly rate is $1. 50- $2. 00 per hour. . If the flight attendant is working an international trip, airlines will pay a few cents more.