Which airline has canceled most flights?

About 20% of flights were delayed, a high not seen since 2014), and 4% were canceled completely. Which airlines arrive on time?

The airline is +0. 74%
There are a lot of flights that are on-time 60%
There are a lot of flights that are delayed 33%
There were a lot of canceled flights 7%

Which European airlines have the most cancellations?

Dutch carrier The airlines cancel the most flights. According to a list of 19 competitors, 5. 8% of flights were canceled by KLM. The airline paid out over 70 million dollars in compensation for flight delays.

Which airports in Europe are having problems?

The worst airports for delays in July The airport is in Belgium 2. 5% was canceled. The airport was 68. 8% delayed and 7. 8% canceled. The airport in the Netherlands was delayed by over 70% and canceled by over 1. 8%. The airport in the U. K. is called the Luton Airport.