How do I check if my flight is delayed?

To check if your flight is on time The flight status page of EaseMyTrip has flight status. You can enter your flight number and date of travel after you choose the airline name from the drop down menu. You will know if your flight is on time or late by looking at the status of the flight.

What happens if a flight is full?

When the aircraft is over booked The airline will usually ask if passengers are willing to give up their seats. They receive a benefit or compensation. The airline will refuse service to passengers that cannot be seated if there is not enough volunteers.

Will snow delay a flight?

As we've discussed above, Bad weather does not affect a flight. Precautious and pilot training are up to date, so it's safe to fly.

Do planes fly in thunderstorms?

Do planes fly in storms? The answer is simple Yes, they do. Statistics show that storms have very little impact on flight schedules and are not likely to cause a lot of problems.

Can planes fly in freezing weather?

Cold winter weather causes airlines and airports to cancel 60,000 flights in the US each year, costing them $3 billion. But freezing cold temperatures aren't a problem for planes, which excel in cold, dense air.

How do I get over my fear of turbulence?

In case of turbulence Take deep breaths through your nose. This will help you to remain calm during the flight and reduce fear of turbulence.