Are there sharks in Cocoa Beach?

Florida beachgoers know. There are sharks in the water It might be a little unnerving to know that they might move in herds.

Is swimming safe at Cocoa Beach?

There's nothing about this beach town that should give you concern when it comes to safety. If you get stung by a jellyfish, or get a lungful of water riding your first wave, you are in the real danger.

How common are sharks in Cocoa Beach?

The Cocoa Beach Pier is shown at sunrise. The county has a recording device There were 155 shark attacks The second highest is in the state.

What animals are at Cocoa Beach?

The Space Coast is home to some of the world's most unique animals including There are bald eagles, leatherback sea turtles, and manatees. Our area is home to more rare and critically-endangered species than any other county in Florida

Are there crocodiles in Cocoa Beach Florida?

A crocodile was captured at the Cocoa Beach Pier There have been at least two alligator discoveries in the ocean this week. The reptile left its tracks in the sand.

Are there Stingrays at Cocoa Beach?

You will not encounter a stingray in the ocean. They can't hide in the sand at the shore because it is hard to see. The sting rays are in the lagoon at this time of year, but you just shuffle and they will swim away.

How close to shore do sharks swim?

According to most statistics, sharks can come as close as possible 100 feet From the coast.