What is the most common shark in Panama City Beach?

The Panama City Beach Bull Shark is the most commonly seen shark. Thresher Shark. Nurse Shark. The shark is a white tip.

Is the beach safe in Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach is on the list of the most dangerous cities The Safewise Report is used to measure this. The ranking is based on crimes per 1,000 people.

What to do if a shark swims near you?

Slowly back away As you swim backwards toward the shore, try not to splash or jump around. "You must try and keep the animal in sight and very slowly and gently try and swim backwards and get into shallow water. Again, you've got to be careful -- large sharks can attack in very shallow depths. "

Are there great whites in Panama City Beach?

Great whites are not very common in the Gulf of Mexico. They're out there for sure — earlier this year was one caught off of the Navarre Pier and Scientists were looking for Miss Costa, a tagged white, off of Panama City Beach They like to stay in the cooler waters.

Is Panama City Beach safe at night?

From a local's perspective Panama City Beach is a safe place to live I have also lived in Central and South Florida. I leave my truck and front door unlocked, and no I don't live in an upscale gated community. The beaches are safe for fireworks accidents.

Are there alligators in Panama City Florida?

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — Thousands flock to Florida every year to relax on the sunshine state's beaches, and apparently even alligators can't resist them !Lisa Niemiec shared pictures of a gator at St. Andrew's State Park near Panama City Beach.