How warm is Phoenix in January?

Phoenix & Yuma January 2020 Climate Data

Phoenix, AZ
Average High Temperature 68. 6 °F The warmest was tied 27th 67. 2 °F
Average Temperature The 16th warmest was 56. 8 F. 56. 4 °F
The average low temperature The warmest temperature was 45. 1 F. 45. 6 °F
Precipitation 0. 19" Tied 33rd Driest 0. 91"

What's the coldest month in Phoenix?

The cool season lasts for three months from November 21 to February 26 with an average daily high temperature below 74F. The year's lowest temperature in Phoenix is in the month of February December The average temperature was 46F and the high was 66F.

Is Las Vegas hotter than Phoenix?

In the middle of summer, average highs in Las Vegas are 101-105, while in Phoenix they are 104-106. Both cities have very pleasant temperatures in winter. Las Vegas has slightly cooler temperatures with an average low of 38-42, while Phoenix has an average winter low of 44-48.

What part of Arizona is the warmest in January?

Yuma is Arizona's warmest winter city and the sunniest year round place in the US, with an annual average of 4,133 hours of sunshine.

What is the warmest city in Arizona in January?

Yuma, Arizona Monthly Climate Normals
Year Jan.
High °F 87. 9 68. 7
Low °F 60. 5 44. 2
Avg °F 74. 2 56. 5

Is Arizona the hottest state in America?

Arizona is below Hawaii, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana. Texas has an average temp of 81. 3 in the summer.

Which is hotter Palm Springs or Phoenix?

You can live in Southern California about 45 minutes from Palm Springs. We chose to vacation in Phoenix. As far as the heat between the two, here's the deal. As far as actual temperatures go Phoenix is going to be hotter.

Which is warmer Scottsdale or Phoenix?

No is one of the notable Arizona cities. 12 Scottsdale (90. 4) , No. 5 Phoenix (93. 1) are the No. Lake Havasu City is the home of the London Bridge, so it's on your summer bucket-list.

Where is it 70 degrees year round in the United states?

The average temperature in some states is around 70 degrees year-round. These states are included California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico are located there.

Do you need a winter coat in Phoenix?

First, don't wear the fur jackets and boots that are designed for deep cold. You'll never really need them in Phoenix. But, bring them to Tide Cleaners and DELIA'S Cleaners before you head out to Sedona or Flagstaff!

What is Arizona like in January?

January is Phoenix's second to the coldest month with The average temperature is 46F (20C). The climate is pleasant in January, despite it being one of the coldest months. The average temperature is higher than 67F.

Is it safe to drive from Phoenix to Sedona?

Questions areFrequently asked. Is the drive from Phoenix to Sedona safe? I found it to be very safe. The drive up to Sedona is straightforward because of the direction of I 17

What is the warmest part of the female body?

Different parts of our body have different temperatures the rectum The ears, urine, and mouth are the warmest. The armpit is the most cold part of our body.