How far is Eureka Springs from Bentonville?

There are 26. 26 miles from Bentonville to Eureka Springs. 39 miles by car The route follows the US-62 route. If you drive non-stop, you can find the two cities 55 minutes apart.

Is Bentonville near Hot Springs?

The closest city to Hot Springs is Bentonville 145 miles. The road is over 200 miles long.

How far is Bentonville from Missouri border?

The driving distance between Missouri and Bentonville is 210 miles. It takes 3h 31m to drive from Bentonville to Missouri.

How far apart are Springfield and Branson?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 39. 27 mi 63. 20 km
Driving distance 44 mi 70. 45 km

Where in Arkansas is Bentonville?

The tenth-largest city in Arkansas, United States and the county seat of Benton County is called Bentonville. The city is located in the middle of the county....

Bentonville, Arkansas
• Water 0. 20 sq mi.
Elevation 1,298 6 ft ( 395 m)
Population (2022))
• Total 66,327

What river feeds Beaver Lake in Arkansas?

The White River Basin is a man-made lake formed by a dam across the White River. There are 487 miles of shoreline on the lake. The lake is called Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake
Lake type reservoir
Primary outflows White River
Basin countries United States
Max. length 50 miles

Do the Ozarks have hot springs?

Spanning four states The hot springs of the Ozark Mountains are available In the central U. S. , there are many parks and wilderness areas. If you're looking for an outdoor getaway in Arkansas, consider these five top spots for getting back to nature in the Ozarks with the entire family.

How far is Bentonville Arkansas Hot Springs Village?

There are 135. 79 miles The southeast direction leads to Hot Springs Village and the following route leads to the north. If you drive non-stop, you can find Hot Springs Village and Bentonville within 59 minutes.

Is Bentonville Arkansas worth visiting?

The birthplace of the Walmart chain, Bentonville, Arkansas, has grown into a booming town with many cultural and food attractions. Despite the town's relatively small size, it offers everything from beautiful parks and trails to world-class art and history museums.

How far is Branson from Arkansas border?

There are 58. 09 miles The southwest direction is from Branson to Bentonville and the US-62 route is the other direction.

Is Branson Missouri worth the trip?

If you can embrace the over-the-top attractions and the fun atmosphere, you will enjoy a vacation at the park. You can either visit the shows and museums in the area or just take a day trip to the area it's definitely worth a visit.

What major airport is near Branson Missouri?

The Springfield-Branson National Airport is a national airport Depending on time of day and driving conditions, you can drive 50 miles north of Branson to Springfield-Branson National Airport.

Why is Bentonville Arkansas famous?

The city of Bentonville has about 49,000 inhabitants The birthplace and current headquarters of Walmart The area has been enriched by having the wealthy family of the Waltons as residents.

What is the prettiest Lake in Arkansas?

Lake Ouachita is the most beautiful lake in Arkansas

  • United States.
  • Arkansas (AR)
  • Hot Springs.
  • Things to do in Hot Springs.
  • Lake Ouachita.

Can you swim in Beaver Lake?

The national renown for bass fishing at the lake has made it a destination for many fishing tournaments. The same amount of people like to go swimming, scuba dive, water skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, and picnicking on the lake as they do fishing.

What is the prettiest place in Arkansas?

Arkansas is in pictures with 15 beautiful places to photograph

  • Garven Woodland Gardens are in Hot Springs....
  • Mount Magazine State Park is in Paris....
  • The falls are in the national forest....
  • Thorncrown Chapel is in the town of Eureka Springs....
  • Devil's Den State Park, Del Rio....
  • The Cossatot River State Park is in the area of Wickes....
  • Roark Bluff....
  • Lake Ouachita State Park is a state park.

Are there diamonds in the Ozarks?

The only place on the planet where you can find diamonds and keep them is in this 37 acres field. You and I find hundreds of diamonds each year Some of the largest and most perfect ever found are included.

Does Little Rock have hot springs?

The historic Arkansas town of Hot Springs is 55 miles from Little Rock It is a great weekend destination for families, couples, or single travelers and offers a variety of great eats, local treats, and hot springs.

How far is Little Rock from Hot Spring?

55 miles from Little Rock to Hot Springs 55 miles There is a distance between Little Rock and Hot Springs.

Why is Bentonville so popular?

The town of Bentonville is becoming well-known It provides many opportunities to get outside and experience the outdoors. The city of Bentonville has 130 miles of biking trails within it and is considered the mountain biking capital of the world.