What is bigger than a cup but the Mississippi River can't fill it up?

The Mississippi River can't be filled up. Ans. Sifter, strainer.

Which goes up and down without moving?

In the summer, temperature goes up and it goes down in the evening. But it is not a physical thing so it can't move. It goes up and down without stopping.

What kind of shower lights up the sky?

Meteor showers The International Meteor Organization's secretary general said that the tau Herculids had been named the wrong way.

Who is the king without crown and throne?

The answer to the question is yes Lion. The lion is considered king because it is in control of the land and all the other animals live on it. Lion is a king without a crown.

What smells the most in the kitchen?

Riddle. What smells the most like food? The answer is Nose.

What kind of table does not have leg?

The answer for What kind of table has no legs?. " Riddle is a Periodic Table.

What smells most in the kitchen?

Riddle. What smells the most like food? The answer is Nose.

What goes through a door?

What goes through a door but never comes out? Riddle. What goes through a door but never comes out? Riddle is Keyhole.

What creature has two eyes in front and many more behind?

The answer for "The strangest creature you'll ever find: Two eyes in front and many many more behind" Riddle is a Peacock.

What is the meaning of a king without a crown?

Matisyahu's spiritual journey led to the meaning of this song. He told us: "It's not the same as it was for me in those days. It's like a particular relationship; there's initial love that you have, and then you start living together. And that's what being a working musician is kind of like.

What meat smells the best?

#1: Bacon. In an ideal world, we'd all wake up to the smell of crispy bacon The stove is hot. With a fragrance that's greasy, smoky, and savory, it's simply the perfect way to start your morning.

Why do my sink drains smell like sewer?

If your kitchen sink drain smells, it's probably a sewer smell You may have a dry trap. The curved portion of the pipe under the sink is called the P-trap. It is supposed to hold water and create a seal to keep sewer gases out of your kitchen. Water needs to be in the P-trap at all times.

Which animal does not have legs?

Snakes There are animals with no legs. They use their muscles to push their scales against the ground.

What kind of table does not have four legs?

At a table with four legs

During what month people sleep the least?

The answer is found below: February There are usually fewer nights in February.

What can you hold but not touch?

We can hold it Meeting, conversation, party, grudge But cannot touch them.

What food smells the strongest?

8 of the world's stinkiest foods

  • Durian. (Canva)...
  • Locust fruit. On visualhunt. com, mauroguanandi is listed.
  • Surströmming. A sandwich made with potatoes, onions and sour cream....
  • Stinky tofu. Maya83 is on the visual hunt.
  • Natt is from Canva.
  • Stink beans. (Canva)...
  • Century egg. (Canva)...
  • Hákarl.