What is halfway between Nashville and Birmingham?

The halfway point from Nashville, Tennessee to Alabama is called the city of the halfway point Center Hill, Alabama is located in Alabama.

What cities are between Birmingham and Nashville?

The top cities are Nashville and Birmingham Both Franklin and Huntsville.

How long of a drive is it Nashville TN to Birmingham AL?

2 hours and 48 minutes.

How far is Nashville from the Alabama line?

The total distance from Nashville, Tennessee to Alabama is over 2 miles 250 miles Or more than 400 kilometers.

How much is Mississippi to Alabama?

The distance between Mississippi and Alabama is 170 miles. The road is over 200 miles long. How do I get from Mississippi to Alabama without a car? The best way to get from Mississippi to Alabama is by bus $30 to $45.

How many miles is 65 in Tennessee?

1,428 kmInterstate 65

Is it cheaper to live in Mississippi or Alabama?

Alabama has the third-lowest cost of living in the country. Alabama has the second-lowest housing prices. A two-bedroom apartment in Alabama costs $807 a month, while the typical single- family home in the state sells for $170,184.

Does 65 go through Nashville?

It connects the four largest cities in Alabama. It is one of the main routes through Nashville, Tennessee Indianapolis, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky are major metropolitan areas in their states.

How long is I-65 in Kentucky?

TheInterstate 65 is a length of 221 km

How far is Nashville from Kentucky border?

It is 133 miles From Nashville to Kentucky. It is 175. 4 miles to drive.