How far is Brookhaven to Jackson?

The driving distance between Jackson and Brookhaven is 56 miles 56 miles. It takes 56 minutes to drive from Jackson to Brookhaven.

What is Brookhaven Mississippi known for?

Brookhaven is News stations in Jackson, Mississippi includeWLBT, WJTV, and WAPT. The Daily Leader is the daily newspaper in the city.

Why is Jackson, MS famous?

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and the most populous city in the state, located at the junction of I-20 and 55. Jackson is The museums cover a wide range of topics, including history, civil rights, African-American culture, natural sciences, and art.

How long does it take to drive from the top of Mississippi to the bottom?

Most people take It takes four to 10 days To make the journey.

What is the racial makeup of Brookhaven Mississippi?

Brookhaven Demographics Black or African American has a 59. 30% share. White: 39. 10% Asian: 1. 32% Two or more races

What is there to do in Brookhaven Mississippi?

Essential Brookhaven

  • The museum is for the Lincoln County Historical and Genealogical Society. Speciality museums are history museums.
  • The Homochitto National Forest is a national forest. Forests.
  • The Mississippi Music Museum is located in Mississippi. Speciality Museums.
  • The Railroad Museum is in McComb. Speciality Museums.
  • Okhissa Lake....
  • The park is named after the man....
  • The Robert Johnson Blues Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities....
  • Red Bluff.

What percent of Jackson MS is black?

The most recent ACS shows that the Jackson demographic is 82. 47% black or African American. 82. 47%

What food is Jackson Mississippi known for?

Fried chicken, okra, cornbread, greens, and biscuits and gravy They are a staple in Magnolia state. Several restaurants throughout the state have been revered for their home style cooking, including Two Sisters Kitchen in Jackson, which was featured on "Man v.

Can you go all the way down the Mississippi river?

You can boat through the entire river If you plan on going north, you will be stopped by the Upper Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. If you want to continue, you will need to restart your boat north of the lock.

Is there a scenic drive along the Mississippi river?

The Great River Road is a national scenic byway The Mississippi River goes through 10 states. From northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, you can discover museums, historical attractions, and amazing cuisine.

How big is Brookhaven Mississippi?

The area is 56. 28 km2.

Is Jackson MS safe?

Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi and the most populous city. It has a lot of inhabitants and tourists from all over the world Jackson is not the safest city It is still worth the visit as it is not too dangerous.

What is the safest area in Jackson MS?

1. Madison, MS

  • Madison, MS. Madison is the 11th safest city in the United States....
  • Ridgeland, MS. Ridgeland is rated safer by Neighborhood Scout than 26% of the other cities....
  • Clinton. Clinton is a small college town and the home of Mississippi College....
  • Brandon.

What seafood is Mississippi known for?

Shrimp, oysters, and catfish are included speckled trout and redfish are the most common coastal finfish, according to Ryan Bradley, director of Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United in Long Beach.

Can you live on a houseboat on the Mississippi?

The good news is that it is. Houseboat owners are allowed to move up and down the Mississippi river if they don't get in the way of passing vessels, wharves or boat ramps.

How far up the Mississippi can Sharks go?

They travel up the Mississippi River as far as Alton, Illinois 1,100 kilometres from the ocean Few freshwater interactions with humans have been recorded.

What is the most scenic part of the Mississippi river?

Perrot State Park is a state park It's known for gorgeous limestone bluffs and scenic overlooks of the Mississippi River. The Great River State Trail is accessible to visitors. Canoes can be rented for use. This is a great place to raise a family.

Can you swim in the Mississippi river?

Current research and status. The Mississippi River stretches past water quality standards for mercury,bacteria, and PCBs. Unfortunately, these "impairments" can make the water It's unsuitable for swimming, drinking and fishing.