How much is Bustang from Denver to Colorado Springs?

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To/From To/From Single Ride
Tejon/Nevada Park & Ride All of Denver $12. 00
Colorado Springs has a transit terminal All of Denver $12. 00
Woodmen Road Park & Ride All of Denver $12. 00
Monument Park & Ride All of Denver $9. 00

Is Bustang a RTD?

Bustang. Bustang™ is The Colorado Department of Transportation operates an interregional express bus service. During peak commuter hours, Bustang services Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and more.

Does the Bustang go to Castle Rock?

Bustang is a bus company that operates from Colorado Springs to Castle Rock.

How much is a shuttle from Denver to Colorado Springs?

The fare is $50 from Denver to Colorado Springs $50 one-way You can find coupons and discounts online between Colorado Springs and Denver. There are also discounts for people who are in the military.

What time does Bustang leave Denver?

DAILY Schedule

Bus Routes Route 712 Route 702
Denver Union Station is located in Denver 5:00 AM 2:00 PM
The Denver Federal Center is in the city of Lakewood. 5:25 AM 2:25 PM
Idaho Springs has a shelter at Idaho St. and 13th. 6:00 AM 3:00 PM
The Transfer Center in Frisco 6:45 AM 3:45 PM

Is there a shuttle between Colorado Springs and Denver?

Overview. There is only one regular scheduled shuttle service between Colorado Springs and the Denver International Airport. We operate as long as the highways are open.

Is there a train that runs from Denver to Colorado Springs?

There are 5 daily trains from Denver to Colorado Springs. The fastest train from Denver to Colorado Springs can take 15 hours and 20 minutes, but it takes 44 hours and 10 minutes to travel by train.

Is Bustang same as Greyhound?

Greyhound has places where you can buy tickets and talk to an agent. Bustang relies on cash fares paid directly to the bus driver. This is similar to what has been happening in the airline industry.

Do Bustangs have bathrooms?

There are 19 over-the-road coaches in rotation on the Bustang service. Each coach has a seating capacity of 51 Comes with a restroom There are wheelchair accessible outlets, bike racks, free internet, and more.

How do you get from Denver to Colorado Springs without a car?

The best way to get from Colorado Springs to Denver is by bike bus It costs $6 - $26. How long does it take to get from Colorado Springs to Denver? The bus from Colorado Springs Downtown Station to Lincoln St & Colfax Ave takes 2h including transfers and departs every four hours.