What is the Spanish word for call me?

How do you say "call me" in Spanish? - Llámame.

How do you say call me when you are free in Spanish?

When you are free, please call me

  1. Cuando estés libre, por favor llmame. GlosbeMT_RnD.
  2. llmeme est libre. GlosbeMT_RnD.

What is muy calor?

The food is hot. You can intensify it if you want to. It would be: La comida est. – The food is very hot. calor is the word when you want to talk about the temperature outside and when you want to say you are hot.

How do you say can you please talk to me in Spanish?

The command 'Please, talk to me' can be translated in two ways: Amigo, por favor Hblame, pohr fah-BoHR, kohn-MEE-goh, is a word that means "por favor "

How do you say call me in a different way?

» Please call me back exp. Let me know if you know anything. Please tell me what you know.

How do you say when are you gonna call me in Spanish?

When will you call me? Is a llamarme?

Does Caliente mean hot?

calientes areplural Warm, hot, or both Antonym is a synonym of clido.

What does Hace Sol means?

There are detailed translations from Spanish to English Pull off; manage; cope; fix; pull off. sol means love, dear, darling, sun, and sunshine.

What does DigaMe mean in English?

talk to me Explanation: Literally, digame is " tell me " but it also means "talk to me" as in tell me what's on your mind. --- The shop is named “DigaMe” which literally translates to 'tell me', but is more actually translated as 'talk to me'.

How do you pronounce No hablo Espanol?

How to say "no hablo espaol" in Spanish.

How do you say politely call me?

Now, I'll share some expressions that you can use to ask someone to call you.

  1. When you are free, please call me.
  2. Can you call me tonight if you can manage time?
  3. Please call me later.
  4. Don't forget to call me please, it's urgent.
  5. Please call me if you are available this weekend....
  6. Hey!...
  7. Call me as soon as possible.

How do you say please call me?

If you want to express that they need to call you as soon as possible, you would say just that: " Call me as soon as possible " or "Call me as soon as you can". When you have time, please call me. Please call me when you are available. When you have time to talk, please call me.

How do you ask someone to call you in Spanish?

2 Answers. llmame por teléfono. "Por favor, contácteme en el fono xxxxxxxxxxx".

What is hay Niebla?

Spanish word: hay niebla. The English translation is foggy. Translated sentences containing 'hay niebla' Hay niebla. It's foggy.

What is Hace calor English?

hace calor" means " It is very hot ".

Do me diga meaning?

You could say the closest translation is the one you're talking about You don't say! ” since the phrase literally means “Don't tell me. ” Diga is an imperative form of the Spanish verb decir (“to say”) and can also be used on its own to answer a phone or as a one-word response when someone calls your name: “¡Diga!” (as if to say, “Go on, tell me”).

How do you say mi hijo in English?

English - U. S. Son is "hijo. " But oftentimes people say "mi hijo" (which means " my son ").