Are passports required for children to the Bahamas?

Just like adults Children in any age group must have a passport book to travel by plane. All travelers should have a valid passport when leaving the country, according to the U. S. Department of State.

Do kids need ID to fly to Bahamas?

If traveling to and from the Bahamas by sea, children under the age of 16 can use a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or certification of citizenship. Children under the age of 19 can use the same documents if traveling by sea with a school group, church group, or cultural group.

What age does child need passport?

Regardless of age Children need a valid passport for air travel. The application process for children under the age of 16 needs to be done in person. One parent needs to appear to fill out the application.

Do kids need a passport for Atlantis?

Atlantis Kids Adventures (AKA) is reserved for kids between the ages of 3 & 12. There will be a requirement for proof of kid-dom. All children must be potty trained. Guests are required to check their children in and out of the facility at the time they stop by.

How long does it take to get a baby passport?

It should take three weeks three weeks If you have completed the form correctly and sent the correct documents, you can get a passport for a baby. It's always worth allowing a couple of months before your date of travel in case of any delays though.