Can you go to Jamaica if you have a criminal record?

Generally speaking, citizens with criminal records that have not been pardoned or expunged lose the right to travel internationally. Jamaica may not have a problem with your arrival, but your home country may have an issue with your re-entry. It's better to check it out and be informed from the source

Can I get into Jamaica with a felony?

The Embassy of Jamaica has a website that has current visa information. Jamaican law forbids entry to people who have been convicted of a felony and are still under community supervision.

Can a felon get a passport to Jamaica?

Once you've secured your supervisor's permission, you can rest easy knowing that A felon can go to Jamaica with a passport for a short period. You will need to stay in touch with the officer for the duration of the trip.

Can you travel to the Caribbean with a felony?

No visa country for convicted felons Even a convicted felon can enter with a valid passport. . Caribbean countries are included in some of these nations. Mexico.

Can a felon go to Dominican Republic?

Felons can travel on a cruise ship. If they have a felony warrant outstanding against them, it would be hard for them to fly. They would be prevented from flying.